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Bloom Santa Fe is committed to Entrepreneurial Imagination. New Mexico is probably the most creative State in the Country. The passion for art is inspired by the Beautiful Landscapes and Skies. We have found that New Mexico inspires Entreprenurs with fresh ideas that are Creative and Unique. Santa Fe is the heart of New Mexican Creativity. We are inspired by our clients' Creative Ventures, which inspires us every day.

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Let your Business Bloom

We are a business designed to Help other small businesses. We have decades of experience refining, planning and making operations more efficient.

When you work with Bloom, you will find that there is no one else like us available to Small Businesses like yours.

We are a complete business solution. Our skilled and experienced team will go through every aspect of your business to find strategies that will encourage stability and growth. We will also bring our proven systems in, to streamline your accounting, paperwork, HR and payroll.

For less than you could pay an employee to handle the same tasks. And we will do it more efficiently than an employee could.

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Question 1- Your Time

What are the things that you find take most of your time, that you never considered when you were starting your business?

Get back to your Passion

When you work with Bloom you will find that we care about your Passion. We don’t just care, we exist to help you get back to pursuing it. When you started your big idea, you did not have paperwork and filings in mind. Instead, you had a vision that drove you to risk your time, money and future.

We have all heard about the high percentage of businesses that fail in the first few years. We believe that if business ideas are allowed to thrive, then the success rate of those businesses will rise as well.

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Question 2- Your Future

How much more effective and profitable would you be if you didn’t have to do any of those things?

How Successful would you be if…

  • You could focus all of your time on the parts of your business that you are passionate about?
  • You had confidence that your employees were paid well and on time?
  • You trusted that your accounting was being handled by experienced accountants and bookkeepers?
  • You could know that all of your deadlines for taxes are taken care of?
  • You knew the plan for getting to your next milestone, and could see evidence of your progress in achieving it?
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Custom Plan For Services

At Bloom we know your Business is unique. So we meet with you and your staff to create a comprehensive plan that not only provides services, but also a Goal Oriented Plan tailored for your business

Accounting and Bookkeeping

We have Licensed CPA's and experienced bookkeepers on staff who will be assigned to your business. They will handle all of the financial data to free you up, knowing that the records are in order. We also handle taxes and make sure your business has all of the necessary licenses and permits.

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We have HR Specialists who will help you keep all of your employee files and documentation in order. The HR personnel assigned to your Business will also handle payroll and direct deposit payments to your staff. We can also discuss Health Insurance Benefits to tailor a plan that meets your needs.

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Website Development

We build websites in House. Our websites are Fast, Inexpensive and Created around your vision to communicate your passion.

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Our team will help you to create your brand. We have graphic designers and Social Media Gurus. We create consistent messaging for anything that conveys your brand.

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Bloom Detroit

Bloom Detroit is passionate about the Rebuilding Spirit of today's Detroit. We have watched the city, over Decades, go through many up's and downs. But Detroit was once the greatest city in the world. It was the Entreprenurial Spirit that built Detroit, and we believe that same Spirit will facilitate it's renewal.

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Bloom Florida

Florida is Booming. The economy in Florida is quite possibly the strongest in the country. Over 300,000 people relocated to Florida in 2020 for various reasons. Many of these hopeful new Floridians came with dreams of starting a new Business and then unwinding on the beach in the evenings. The energy of Optimism that accompanies this migration is intoxicating. The locals are arguably, already, the most entreprenurial minded group we have ever met. A stroll through Little Havana or other neghborhoods is inspiring for any hopeful business person. We are inspired, refreshed and passionate while here in Florida.

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The Bloom Group

Bloom is a national company, willing and positioned to help Select Small Businesses in all 50 States. We have offices Regionally to facilitate relationships locally.

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